You pay the service charge only after your client has paid your invoice.

Service charge


+ Palkkio+ Safety
Member+ always at lower members’ rates

Palkkioplus Platinum rates


Who are eligible for the Platinum level?

Palkkioplus light entrepreneur service

  • Always affordable
  • No startup fee
  • No hidden costs
  • Service charge calculated from invoiced amount before VAT

Price list /
Yearly billed amount

Service charge €0–1000 / year Service charge for more than €1000 Palkkio+ Safety
Palkkioplus Platinum Service charge €0–1000 / year 0% Service charge for more than €1000 3,2% Palkkio+ Safety 1%
Palkkioplus Gold Service charge €0–1000 / year 3,5% Service charge for more than €1000 3,5% Palkkio+ Safety 1,5%
Palkkioplus Basic Service charge €0–1000 / year 4% Service charge for more than €1000 4% Palkkio+ Safety 1,8%

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